★★★★★ >>back to world room?
>>back to living room?<<★★★★★


i am having a complete schizophrenic breakdown
03/20/2023 ~~ 11:47

03/17/2023 ~~ 18:14

i tried cleaning/redrawing some of the pages for the new chapter of b+n but somehow i managed to make it look a lot worse.
i know that my lines can be really clean, but as soon as i start thinking about it "looking pretty", all of the fun gets sucked right out.
i'm giving up on doing it the right way..! i used to go online and tell everyone, "you're lobotomizing your drawing when you clean your lines!"
what happened to that?
03/17/2023 ~~ 16:57

the social security administration is desperately trying to gaslight me into having a psychotic episode so severe that i'm incapable of playing their game.. little do they know i am completely fucking unshakable, i am like a rock in this pitch black ocean of absolute disgust towards this fuuuucking country............
03/16/2023 ~~ 22:37

i finally got azpainter linux working awesome
03/15/2023 ~~ 12:13

i tried starting on a page about myself, but i gave up really fast..
i'm not good at talking about myself at all.
in dairy is fine, because it feels like i am talking to an invisible friend..

it's much more fun for me to work on parts of the site that are abstract.
i want the site to feel like a playground with a lot of different toys,
but there are dark tunnels too.

I really like how the world methods page came out.
it has the psychotic feeling of a room inside of your head..
i want the site to go so deeply, that you can get lost, like in yume nikki.

03/13/2023 ~~ 19:57

kimika you are still everything 4 years later
03/12/2023 ~~ 22:43

mamiya takuji is transgender
03/12/2023 ~~ 21:48

i have another doctors appointment tomorrow,
but i really dont want to go.
why does it always have to be so early in the morning, and so far away?
dairy, you're the only one i have to talk to..

03/09/2023 ~~ 20:30

i cant believe i'm playing this shitty game again
03/09/2023 ~~ 16:49

how can one woman be so based?
03/08/2023 ~~ 18:36

today, when I went outside, the world felt haunted..
03/04/2023 ~~ 23:03

03/04/2023 ~~ 11:27

hajime-chan is cute....
i need to take my medicine
03/03/2023 ~~ 21:00

03/03/2023 ~~ 21:00

ok this show is absolutely in "so shitty its funny" territory
not even for production value but just for being so out of character
03/02/2023 ~~ 00:19

sdr2 autism
03/01/2023 ~~ 16:50

something about this sprite.. you know i think i finally understand why people get upset when their favorites die. i mean not that i havent played this before through.
also, kazuichi's sinister smile at all times, always when there's a body around... what a mean boy Σ(°△°|||)︴
02/28/2023 ~~ 13:14

sdr2 + hb (but mostly just komaeda)
02/26/2023 ~~ 19:30

im obsessed with this ambiance
02/26/2023 ~~ 02:14

02/25/2023 ~~ 01:09

good lord i hope chris todd and the rest of the tennessee house get their cocks ground up in a combine harvester

02/23/2023 ~~ 20:54

hb main 4 nose chart
02/21/2023 ~~ 22:54

it's hard to be a girl in love, ~awa
02/20/2023 ~~ 00:32

beth dirt pile
02/16/2023 ~~ 17:15

test photographs from the family feud chapter
02/16/2023 ~~ 16:28