Beck "Blackface" Saeriif, the sister of Priestess Byoe Saeriif, and right-hand man of Stoney Pilate-- crude and mean, she is always at Stoney's side, wherever he goes, usually doing his dirty business personally.

A half organic and half machine mixture, her life and mind have been artificially tampered with to make her very different from who she was long ago. She has lost her ability to speak or follow "normal" trains of thought in a way that an organic living creature would; so she mostly communicates verbally with a growling or barking type noise. She seems to drool or bleed a lot, as there is always some mysterious liquid coming out from behind the helmet..

However, despite her general loss of "sanity" or rationality, she is not stupid. she is actually much more intellegent then most and moreso then most assume for sure. because of her helmet, she has access to the third-phase denizen protocol and can communicate wirelessly with any machine. she also spends a lot of time trolling online on usenet and is internationally known for her cyberbullying campaign against her sister.