world methods

the funniest thing about the story behind this website, is that i don't even remember why i registered the domain, what neocities says was 2 years ago, but i would account as almost three. because my earliest memory of drawing stuff that began the beginnings of the concepts that would become the comic "machinehell" was january of 2020, when i had the dream that gave me dedum, agnis, and the city full of dead girls.

so why did i keep the domain name? why call the site machinehell, when it's only marginally about the comic machinehell, and mostly full of a bunch of other stuff that i made?

well, that's an endurance question. to me, the comic machinehell, while being a very actual, physical thing (i'm sitting about 2 feet away from the single manuscript in existence as i type this), is something bigger then the comic machinehell.

it's more of a force of an idea. the idea behind all my art, that ultimately it is something i am creating for myself and i am sharing with you out of self-love

if you are in the "artist's community" or have been on sites like twitter or deviantart or tumblr i am sure you have seen the lack of self-love that most artists currently hold, due to the stranglehold of the hypercapitalist mindset. machinehell is something that takes back all of that.

why? because it's literally just a bunch of scribbles on papers ripped out of a sketchbook. if it comes together in front of your eyes, it could be-- beautiful? but until then, it isn't anything. it isn't "art" to the people who want us to stop being artists, and to become "content creators".

but it is art to me, even if it is just one page, or one corner.

it is mine, and thusly, as long as i insist on it, this whole website of machinehell is mine. i can do what i want, now and forever.