HOMEBOUND is an unreleased web-comic / multimedia art project that I have been developing for the past (8) years. It follows four friends, Pez, Fi, Pilate and Phoebe, as they travel across the deserted planet Sayall, in search of a mysterious man named "The Prophet", who is rumored to have caused the extinction of all life. Along the way, they are pursued by dark, mindless drones known only as "The Soulless".
Though incomplete and currently not readable in a compiled format, you can browse various short comics and illustrated scenes in this portal that will give you an idea of what to expect at a later date! Also connected to the Homebound universe is my gag strip, Byoe and Nemu, which is in some ways a prequel, and in some ways a sequel to the main comic. There may be !!mild to moderate spoilers!! for Homebound within Byoe and Nemu, but for the most part it will not infringe on your reading experience.